Ajman Free Zones

The formation of the Free Zone Authority in 1996 has encouraged the industrial activity in the Free Zone. This has resulted in quadruple growth in a number of companies during the last few years. Ajman Free Zone with its package of unbeatable advantages is widely recognized as the entrepreneurs’ haven today.

The Ajman coastline in the Arab Gulf region is 8 km. Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988 that run to huge industrial development in Ajman by charming a big number of expat investments that advantage from the investment freedoms and free zone benefits.For small & medium enterprises (SME) and entrepreneurs who find entry cost expensive, office space is available for 555$ per month and larger offices for 777$ per month in 12 installments. Ajman Free Zone business setup offers e-commerce licenses to its customers at a price far lower than other free zones.

Free zones

Ajman Media city Free zone

Benefits of setting up free zones:

  • Strategic Location with access to the sea, air and land
  • Cheap energy
  • 100% foreign ownership of company
  • The most economical wage structure and easy access to massive work force
  • No restriction on transfer of capital and profits
  • Total exemption from all import and export duties
  • No personal income and no corporate tax
  • Total elimination of all service charges and hidden fees
  • Competitive prices for power/electricity
  • Exceptionally low handling charges
  • Competitive prices on warehouse or office facilities usage
  • Fast and easy licensing procedures
  • 20 years land contract is renewable for another 20 years guaranteeing 40 years tax and customs free operations
  • World class infrastructure
  • One-stop shop service for licensing and visa applications
  • Lowest tariffs in the region

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