Mainland business setup in Abu Dhabi

Fimkin business group will guide you with the obligations of starting a mainland business in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all other emirates. As United Arab Emirates is an attractive hub for investors: The country has one of the most liberal trade regimes in the Gulf region, a well-established infrastructure, and a strong banking system, as well as a stable political system. The economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate, and manufacturing, additionally builds the basis for a high-potential business environment. The favorable tax environment is one of the main reasons why investors choose to do business in the United Arab Emirates and why they decide on a UAE company registration.

Starting your venture requires having a good exposure to entire GCC, Middle Ease and MENA. Investors all over the world coming in this economic hub, always want to have a vital partner in offering a smooth and healthy trade relationship in this region. Fimkin is one of the best business setup company in Abu Dhabi, strives to understand the client needs and help them complete the whole process of issuing the license. We also be of assistance in lending a hand to search out Local Emirati or Local service agent to sponsor the permit.

Why we start company in UAE

  • Freedom to choose and office anywhere in the mainland of designated jurisdiction.
  • No limitation on the visas
  • The UAE, In general, is an attraction for foreign and domestic investments
    There won’t be any delay in getting license applied, instant licenses in Dubai and professional and commercial licenses with in short period.
  • The country is well developed with 90 Airlines and 170 shipping lines globally.
    The investor can apply 100% ownership with a professional license with a local agent.
  • Facility to get an agreement with sleeping associate to not involve in the operations and profit sharing of your company in the mainland.
  • There is no individual Tax on UAE, capital or corporate income, and allows 100% repatriation of capital and profits.There are no currency restrictions on the exchange of money.
  • High profit provision in the region than other country.
  • World-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and Cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  • Simple and seamless procedures

LLC Formation

The LLC Company allows having a flexible profit sharing among sponsor and expatriating. The UAE national can be offered a fixed fee annually with a percentage of profit or sale.As per the norms of the LLC in UAE

Branch Office

A Branch Office that is legally part of its parent company is permitted to perform contracts or conduct other activities which are specified in its license and are similar to those of its parent company.

Professional License

The professional license is offering professional services and skill based business which stalks from the effort of the owner. Usually partnerships can be single owned also offering professional services

Offshore company setup

UAE offshore company formation is one of the best opportunities for investors willing to channel their funds and capitalize on international markets an offshore company registration is beneficial as it offers immense tax saving as well as provides companies to function..

Representative Office

While we are planning setup a company in UAE there are several options and choices, you need to first understand clearly what you can do or what you cannot do as a company that you going to setup here. Overseas entrepreneurs who want to do business in the UAE

Find the Solution That Best Fits Your Business

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