Professional License


The professional license is offering professional services and skill based business which stalks from the effort of the owner. Usually partnerships can be single owned also offering professional services, in this business 100% foreign ownership is allowed but individual capital required & can form a company even on a desk space.

For professional license the owner or director or Manager has to pass the test and need a UAE national to act as a service agent for having approved by the government.If there is more than one Partner in the Professional License the partners need to make a civil agreement among the all Partners describing their shares and appointment of manager in the license. In the agreement there will be no Local sponsor.

Easy step for professional license

  • Need to select a Sales activity
  • After selecting the activity need to be submit the application for trade name approval
  • Getting all approval is done then will sign the contract and POA from the court
  • The rental space minimum requirement is 200 square feet.
  • Pay the government fees and get the license in your hand.

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