Public Relations Officer (PRO) services refer to professional document clearing services related to processing governmental documents and paperwork. These include immigration formalities, issuance of business licenses, passport clearance,


  • Processing documents in the Immigration, Labour, and other government departments
  • Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Processing new employment visa and its renewal for employees
  • Attesting import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
  • Intellectual property registration for patent, copyright, and trademark
  • Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
  • Translating legal documentation to Arabic
  • Applying for an industrial or commercial license, and filing for its renewal
  • Processing documents from Municipality and Chamber of Commerce

Cost Saving

We help you to save the employee cost of PRO by proving all kind of PRO Services.

Quick service

Our Expert team will serve you a quick service to ease your work and accurate follow up service for your business.

Business Growth

Our potential team helps to increase your business growth by providing elegant solutions for your business.

Service Advantage

We let our clients focus on their core business activities and pass the hassle of clearing documents and follow ups with government agencies and ministries to our skilled PRO team to execute these tasks. Document clearing or so called PRO services include but not limited to:

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