Dubai provides one of the best opportunities for merchant around the globe to import, Manufacture, distribute and re-export a large number of products including cosmetics, health, food, and many others. Dubai is a hub of trade between different markets on an international level. For this purpose there is a complete product registration                 developed by the government of Dubai. This process ensures only high products are imported and manufactured in Dubai.


Why in UAE

  • The main reason of implementing the process of product registration in Dubai is to restrict fake and harmful products in the local market Dubai and ensure the safety of consumer and quality of the products.
  • Dubai municipality product registration controls the entry of products into the UAE market to ensure the product quality and consumer safety by aiming product registration, random product testing and product inspections.
  • Product registration specify that each product which will be imported Dubai for local trading should be registered in Dubai municipality and get registration certificate which may be asked at the time of shipment clearing.


  • Valid Trade license
  • Product category
  • Product sample
  • Product description
  • Email address
  • Contact details
  • Registration of the company with Dubai municipality and then submit all the above documents to municipality to wait for the approval and to be the registration done.

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