Department Of Health Exams

If you are a medical professional looking forward to pursuing your career in Dubai, then you must obtain a practice license from the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of DHA, the Dubai Health Authority. For this, you need to pass their medical skill test in your respective profession.

The test otherwise called the HAAD exam follows a long procedure from registration to scheduling the test and preparation. With us, you can save your worries as we take you through all these, hassle-free. We give guidance on everything from exam schedules to topics to be prepared for. We help you to have an understanding of what the actual exam and syllabus would be like, which is often a source of confusion for the new candidates.

For the registration process, you will need the following. If you ever feel like taking the exam get these prepared and dial us. We will be at your service in no time.

01.School documents

High school diploma, College diploma with Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV), Official Transcript of Records with Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV)

02. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) documents

Board certificate
Certificate of good standing – must be 6 months valid. If applicants worked from a country without a licensing body like Libya, they must obtain a letter of reciprocity, Board rating, PRC ID

03. Employment Credentials

Certificate of employment signed by the head of HR – volunteer experience does not count
The red ribbon needs to be renewed if already used from another country.

04. Other Documents
    Copy of your Passport, Passport size photo, Basic Life Support certificate, Sponsoring Facility Declaration form (applicable if you have a sponsor. If none then leave this part blank)
    Letter of authorization, CID/Security form (English pages only)