Product Registrations

Product registration in the UAE is required if you need to manufacture, import, re-sell, or re-export and goods from and within the Emirates. Since more and more traders around the globe are entering Dubai’s manufacturing and import industry, the state has set forward strict guidelines and laws for product registration in the Emirates. This is to ensure customer safety and abandoning any fake or cheap quality products to enter the UAE market.

For the product registration process, you need the approval of different authorities in the Emirate depending on your product, the primary being the Dubai municipality. Our Expertise in Dubai trade regulations can help you through these procedures easily. Our right connections and knowledge facilitate these approvals quickly for you.

Registration procedure:

01.Set up a company

Register a company in the required category you intend to sell the product. Obtain a trade license for the same. Product registrations in UAE will only be approved for company’s who are registered and have a valid trade license in the country.

02.Register with the DM

Since the Dubai Municipality is the primary authority issuing product registrations, you need to register your company with them for the same. To register your product in the state you are required to provide basic info of your company like Trade license details, Email address, Contact details etc.

03. Regiter the product

A detail summary of the product involving product category and description along with a sample of the product should be submitted to the authorities of the Municipality for review