Mawaqif is a public parking system applied by Department of Transport which is called as DOT. This department is responsible
for all aspects of transport development and policy in the country's capital. There are parking meters in Abu Dhabi which set time limits to ensure smooth flow of traffic and prohibit improper parking practices in the city. Mawaqif can easily pay by understanding its procedure we can pay it by linking to motorist's registered Du or Etisalat mobile number. Mawaqif account is an essential requirement for Abu Dhabi parking payments. Once this account is created, you will need to top it up with amount like paid parking in city there are available amount on top up is 50 to 500.This can be done through secure credit card transactions online or through dedicated kiosks. 

Parking fee in Abu Dhabi

1. Standard parking spaces through black and turquoise curbs :AED 2 per hour
2. 24 Hours parking is available in Abu Dhabi which coasted only 15 AED
3. Premium parking spaces through white and turquoise is 3 AED per hour

You will get fine if you are wrongly parked in Abu Dhabi it will charged up to 500 AED any grievances concerning parking fines
can be resolved through customer care center in the city. Just visit any Mawaqif customer care near you and fill an appeal form.
You must attach that parking ticket copy with that application that mawaqif centers are available in Al Khor Street, Al Maqta. All
of these mission statement is to deliver an efficient transport system in Abu Dhabi.