Car Transfer


Buying a new car can be exciting if it is a dream vehicle for which you have been saving for a long time. So when you finally make a decision, it is natural to just want to get things done and start driving around. Thankfully, in the UAE, the paperwork related to buying a car is rather shift. This means one can transfer car ownership in the UAE without any hassles. Like any other official process certain regulations have to be followed to transfer vehicle ownership in the UAE, Both the seller and buyer have to provide a set of mandatory documents to ensure a quick and efficient transfer of ownership.

Required documents for individual owned cars

1.Required their Emirates ID and Mulkiya.
2.Required their passport and residence visa.
3In case of a car loan the final loan payment confirm if the car loan is not fully paid off then the seller would need to get a NOC  or release letter from bank.

Buyers must present the following

1.Buyers who are UAE or GCC citizens must provide their original and copy of emirates ID, driver's license and passport.
2.Buyers who are UAE residents must submit their original and copy of Emirates ID, driver's license and passport and valued    residency visa.
3.The official notice for adding mortgage or redeeming electronic mortgage at the bank, if the car is still under mortgage.
4.Vehicles technical inspection certificate, a pass report from Tasheel.
5.Plate numbers have to be delivered to the center , in case the sellers wishes to keep them
6.Police report if either plate was lost.
7.Electronic insurance of the car

Required documents for companies

In case the car is registered in the name of company following documents are required
1.A copy of trade license.
2.Vehicle ownership certificate.
3.Electronic insurance.
4.Technical inspection certificate.
5.Official Arabic letter.
6.Endorsement of signature and authorization letter.
7.Adding mortgage or redeeming electronic mortgage at the bank, if the car is still under mortgagee.