Car Registration

Car registration in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city of United Arab Emirates. Any person can register a vehicle in his name in the UAE. If he is the owner of that vehicle. Abu Dhabi government is not allowed to drive any vehicle on roads unless it is registered according to the traffic law, thousands of people come to the UAE capital to build good life since most prefer to drive around the city in their daily life you
have to go to city and many places for many purpose, so it is important to aware of the process for car registration in Abu Dhabi.
The Abu Dhabi authorities have made it easy for companies and individuals to register the car by using a simple and efficient process.

Required documents for register a new car in Abu Dhabi
1.Car insurance
2.Emirates ID, Passport copy and residence visa
4.Documents that can serve as proof of ownership these include vehicle clearance certificate (vcc) or export certificate. Transfer certificate, possession certificate.
5.Companies must provide an official letter in Arabic, an endorsement of signature and authorization letter along with a copy of trade license.

Car registration in Abu Dhabi lasts for about twelve months. A thirty-day grace period starts after these twelve months, a thirty day grace period starts after these twelve months where one can get the car repaired (if needed) inspected and insured. All insurance policies remain valued for thirteen months. Here we, Fimkin Business Services, shortly explain how to register a car firstly you have to get your vehicle inspected at an authorized testing center. Secondly get vehicle insurance from an authorized insurer, and you have to pay any fine, next step should apply for your Abu Dhabi car registration through the aforementioned registration channels. Next pay registration fees and collect the plate number expiry date sticker and vehicle ownership card.

If you are buying and registering a car in Abu Dhabi you must understand and aware about registration process and all require documents We are here in Abu Dhabi to assist you and guide you to all process of registering a car.