Abu Dhabi Government strictly verifies  all documents with deep mind of providing good  rights to people  so  legal translation  is monitory to verify documents in government courts and any legal documents required offices. Legal translation and interpretation of a text used in any legal system. It includes documents like identity documents, financial records, official reports, transcripts and so on .When transferring a document to countries such as the United Arab Emirates It requires legal translation with legal   attestation  to prove that documents are true copies.  When a legal document needs to be translated into another language, especially in a place like Abu Dhabi, it has to be done so keeping mind the cultural, social as well as legal undertones of the language it is being translated into. Undertake and achieve with accuracy that is required in the legal environment. This is another area that most of us get confused.


 Legal documents are not only those documents that pertain to court proceedings. Anything that uses or refers to the laws of a certain nation to make a rule, or set a process in place is a legal document. And in that sense, legal documents that require a translation service provider expertise include contracts, company documents, official policy communications in foreign languages, patents, financial statements, birth, death, marriage certificates, affidavits, driving license and more.


 We Fimkin Legal Translation office   provide you a good opportunity to do legal translation in true words and different languages. We can give you translations in affordable price . Your documents and certificates are safe in our hands when you handover to do the translation. The skills of translation are becoming ever more important and desirable. When the translation is not true words it may be rejected from government office and any other legal offices so translation is important one to get approval from government related works .Our best translation services are given below.


Our best services

  •         Legal translation for marriage certificates.
  •         Legal translation for birth certificates.
  •         Legal translation for driving license.
  •         Legal translation for Education Certificates.
  •         Legal translation of memoranda and articles of association.
  •         Legal translation of local service agent agreements.
  •         Legal translation of powers of attorney required for notarization before the Notary Public.  
  •         No objection letters required by the Ministry of Labor, Traffic Department, or any other company or entity within UAE.