Trademark is a brand name, symbol or logo that used by the manufacturers as an identification sign to distinguish the goods or services. Ministry of Economic is responsible for Trademark registration in United Arab Emirates. Trademark is valid for all          the seven emirates, valid for 10 years in the UAE. Further extension needs additional fees, and the registration can be renewed for the same period. Registered trademark will be under legal protection in UAE during 10 years since the date of official TM  registration.

Trademark is important one in every business, Fimkin  Business Group provides the paperwork and the research that you need to allow you to register your trademark in Abu Dhabi.

  • The first step trademark registration procedure in the UAE is to make sure that it's not already in use by another company. If the trademark is already being used by someone else, you will not be able to register it.
  • The second step is payment and publication in two local Newspapers
  • Finally the registration fee. 

The local newspapers where you can publish the announcement of your trademark are: Al Khaleej , Al Watan, Al Ittihad, Al Bayan, Al Fajr , Al Wahda. After it has been published in two Arabic-language newspapers in the UAE. Members of the public have 30 days to voice an objection to your trademark. If someone objects to your trademark in that time period, the Ministry of Economy will review the objection, following which they will either reject it or inform you.



  •         Power Of attorney
  •     Passport and Visa copy of the Managing Director
  •        A copy of trade license
  •         Logo in JPEG Format


  •              Protect Product and Brand Identit
  •             Enable customers to easily identify the brand & product required without duplication
  •       Ensure quality and trust in the products and services delivered
  •       Registration protects against others who trade in the same, but defective goods/services.

Time Frame: 2-3 Months (approx.)