Freelancing and freelancers is common in Dubai and the cost effective freelancerss permits issued by govt initiatives are high now. As a business there are lot of freelance visa service in Dubai opening. For getting own business and not to work under any company can start the freelance service.         

Freelance visa helps to create lot of opportunities for young and talented people to expert in workforce. Company can hire the freelancers for the work too. For a flexible work time and a change in work style the freelance jobs style will help a lot. Govt in Dubai/UAE allowed the freelancers to stay and work here with bringing their families too. A non-Dubai resident need to apply for freelance visa.

What is freelance visa and freelance permit in Dubai

Freelance visa is those who are not sponsored by parent or spouse who need to work in Dubai can take the freelance visa. This will be a residency permit who allows individuals to live and work in there.

People who are pursuing professionals such as acting, techservice, advertising, journalism can apply for freelance visa here.

How you get freelance Visa in Dubai

Dubai government and TELECOM group launched GoFreelance program where individual freelancers can show and share the talents for different work opportunity. They can fill up the form with their resume and can attach the passport and visa and to wait for email approval. Then you need to show the original passport in Dubai media city to complete the payment for freelance permit.

For applying this freelance visa you can meet or contact a freelance visa service in Dubai agency that can help to make the process easy. We are the best freelance visa service agency in Dubai with different of benefits for you like:

  •       Cost effective packages
  •      1 to 2 year package
  •       Eligibility doing for Dubai residence Visa
  •        Easy and timeless process done by the team
  •         Stress free and customer support
  •        Service providing without creating any hassle

So you can work for flexible time and you can even stay with family. You can make money by working for different companies. With freelance visa you can for companies in Dubai and allow access to free zone business centres.

Documents needed for freelance visa in Dubai

  •         Passport
  •         Resume
  •         Photographs
  •         Bank reference letter
  •          NOC from Dubai/UAE sponsor

Why you should choose Fimkin for Freelance visa service in Dubai

Fimkin has well experienced and talented team to make your visa setup easy and in less time. Lot of customers are there who trusted us for the entire visa process to move abroad for different purpose. Freelance visa service is a new and trending method where foreign countries support more talented people to show their work. This makes us happy to work for those freelancers who need to go Dubai for starting their career and growth.


To get the freelance visa service in Dubai there are lot of steps you can follow to get the freelance job there. We will support you for the fastest freelance visa process.