There are lot of companies, branches, who copy the brand name and logo copied from others without the permission. So a trademark registration can be help to avoid this. A trademark can be a name, symbol or any logo's which is used to identify services or goods provided by a Company. The trademark registration in UAE helps the products and services, images, brand etc. belongs to specified owner and can't be copied the registered trademark for any other business. There are lot of benefits for registered trademark in your business. In this competitive market place lot of companies are opening in UAE market so to get the business reputation well and to create a best name in the business industry trademark is a better way. Any groups under registered trademark law allow the brand to get better control over goods and service.

Benefits of registered trademark

  •       You will get exclusive right to own the logo, image brand name listed in trademark registration
  •         It gives security and brand awareness
  •         Credibility and assets

Which are all trademarks can be registered in UAE?

Some limitations are there when registering trademark in UAE and they will not allow the following like:

  1.         Offending against public morals and religions
  2.           Third party names, titles
  3.           Public symbols
  4.           Symbols like Red cross

For getting trademark registration service in Dubai you need some document requirements like:

  1.          Trademark logo
  2.          Passport copy
  3.          Copy of trade license
  4.          List of goods and services to protected
  5.          Power of attorney

There are some steps to register trademark in UAE

  • Research the existing trademark- First step is to review whether your trademark is already registered or not. If you are sure the trademark is not registered then you can proceed
  •  Download and completing application form- you can download and complete the application form online by visiting e-service site. The document like:
  •        Trademark design
  •       Trading license
  •         ID or Passport for individual who will sign application
  •         List of goods and service for trademark under protection
  •     Contact details of applicant

Fees- After filling proper documentation you need to remit the fees

Review of ministry of economic- after paying the fees ministry of economy will review the application; they will accept or reject the application.

Publishing application in national papers- Before getting officially registered you should publish in two Dubai newspaper. If there is no objection from anywhere ministry will further review it.

Registration- after the approval you will receive the trademark registration certification.

Trademark registration service in UAE is better advantage for new business and owners to start their business. This is the best security for your business. For Dubai service. For further enquiries or information needed you can contact fimkin. We will assist you to get the registered trademark service in Dubai easily.


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