In 2020 and 2021, the healthcare sector was hit very hard by the arrival of corona pandemic. The health regulators issued numerous instructions to public and private sector operators on the handling of the situation and as we now emerge into the post-corona environment. After the arrival of corona virus, everyone became very much health conscious and wanted health insurance for both individual and family securement.

What is meant by a health insurance?

It's an agreement you make with an insurer to have them pay for some or all of your medical expenses. Having health insurance can keep you from incurring medical bills which you can't afford to pay out of pocket. So, if you ask anyone which medical insurance is good in the UAE, most of them will say 'take Daman'.

  • A pioneer in health insurance, Daman is the first specialized health insurer in the UAE, with over 15 years of expertise and commitment to delivering best practice, efficiently managing insurance and health fund services to clients and members.
  • Daman has set high standards in the health insurance industry.
  • They has been awarded a number of internationally recognized awards and quality-focused certifications.


As it's clear that, providing the best to the customers is one of our motto, in case of health insurance too, Fimkin provides the best. We provide Daman health insurance services for companies and individuals. Under Daman health insurance, we provide, low to high-end customizable health insurance products. It covers the expenses that arise due to illness or an accident. It also covers the costs related to the hospitalization, medicines, doctor's consultation, etc. With Daman, Fimkin provides you a secure health insurance. You can see the healthy smile of your family with us.

The necessary documents to apply for Daman insurance includes, passport with residence visa (original and copy), passport-sized photo, proof of address.