What is Abu Dhabi Trade License?

Abu Dhabi trade license is the documentation, which is required by a company or an individual to be allowed to carry out commercial activities in the UAE. The process is regulated and conducted through the supervision of the Department of Economic Development (DED). Once you have acquired the license, you will be given the permission to do trading in the capital city of UAE.


  1.             Partner Amendment

If you wish to change or remove your partner from the trade license, you are supposed to do a trade license amendment. In order to do that, you need to undergo the following procedures:

  •         File a License Amendment Application
  •         Make a Sale Agreement
  •        Court fee payment
  •         Post a newspaper advertisement
  •         A newspaper ad will end only in 15 days. After that time period only, next process will start
  •         License Amendment Fee Payment
  •         License Issue

These are the procedures that you need to undergo in order to change or remove your partner from your trade license.

     2.     Trade License Name Amendment

If you want to change the name of your company or service, you need to do a name amendment. You are not supposed to change the name of your company until or unless approved by the Abu Dhabi Government. There is certain process to do the name amendment they are:

  •         File a license amendment application
  •         You need to reserve a Trade name
  •         Then you need to publish a newspaper advertisement
  •         After the time period of newspaper ad ends, next process is started
  •         License issue payment should be made

After the completion of above-mentioned procedure, the name of your company will be changed legally and license will be issued in the new name.

     3.      Activity Adding Amendment

Each and every business that you carry out will have an activity. Which business is being conducted by you or what type of business you carry out etc., is explained in activity. In order to add a new activity to your existing business, there are certain process that you should undergo. They are:

  •         Add Activity in the portal
  •         File activity add application
  •         Do the payment

After completing the process, new license will be issued with added activity. Here, you do not want to post a newspaper advertisement.

     4.      Location Amendment

As business grows, some wishes to change the location of their company. Business market always varies so, it is necessary to move on with your business in a new location. In order to change the location of your company, you should undergo the process of location amendment. They are:

  •         File location amendment application
  •         After submitting the application it will be approved soon
  •         After approval, you need to do the payment

If you complete these processes, you can change the location of your company, and start a new venture.


If you want to change your company from L.L.C to a Sole Proprietorship or Establishment to Sole Proprietorship, you need to undergo the same processes. The only thing changes there is that, all amendments will be replaced by sales agreement.

If you are thinking about the fees of all these above, Abu Dhabi trade license fees may vary according to the nature and business that you wish to establish. 


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