Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE is the perfectly located between biggest market continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. It is the perfect option for the entrepreneurs to invest in many kind of business. Comparing to other countries you will not have to worry about the taxes. it is comparatively low. There is a perfect financial function which allows you to bring employees from foreign stages. There are many opportunities to setup a free zone company that might be difficult to find other countries in the world.
If less than 2 years, you can apply without any additional requirements. From 2-5 years, you will be required to visit the Continuous Medical Education (CME) section to calculate the CME hours required to cover the gap of practice period. The CME section will give you a letter that states that you have completed the required CME. Attach the letter from CME section under CME tab in the application. If more than five years, you will be required to gain additional experience in the same field.
Visit or tourist visa can not be cancelled. There is no procedure to cancel a visit or tourist visa in Dubai if the visa is used by the bearer. In case, if the visa is not used then the sponsor of the visa can cancel it by his online system related to Dubai Immigration.
p>Documents Required for Visa Stamping:

 Original passport.
 Employment visa – either entry permit with entry stamp or change status report issued by the Immigration.
 Medical certificate.
 Emirates ID application.
 Medical insurance.
 Document of Work permit approved.
 Passport size photographs.
 Residence visa fee.

If your family members (usually wife and children) are outside the UAE, you must first apply for an entry residence visa and after they arrive, you have up to 30 days to apply for the residence stamp. Criteria: Your monthly salary should not be less than AED 5000 or AED 4000 + accommodation.
The minimum monthly wage required to sponsor family members is still AED 5000 or AED 4000 + accommodation.
Business in UAE FreeZones. Free Zones (also known as free trade zones) are designed for boosting international business through providing 100% ownership to expatriates and single window administration convenience. In UAE, freezones are either attached to ports or industry specific.
Under single license, You allowed to manage 10 activities. However you have to ensure that you engage yourself in the activities that have been labeled in the DED standers.