Pro Services For Your Business

Want to set up a business in the Emirates?

Well then PRO or Public relations officer services is a must for quick setup and smooth running of your business. They get you through all the documentation and groundwork needed easily and hence you can fully concentrate on your business plans. For this, you can either hire an in-house PRO or outsource it to trusted PRO services in Dubai like us.

Fimkin assists you with all the government documents and paperwork needed for your trade. Immigration formalities, issuance of business licenses, passport clearance – we process it all that is needed for your business to comply with the trade regulations of the Emirates.

Why choose us for PRO services in Dubai?

Our PRO services in Dubai are next to none, clearing documents and doing the necessary follow-ups with the government agencies for our clients. As part of our PRO service, we provide:

Features of FIMKIN:


Hiring an experienced firm like Fimkin is more reliable and money-saving than having an in-house PRO.

02.Quick service

We process everything real fast to ensure that you do not lag behind.

03. Business growth

Our consultants aid your business growth with practical business advice