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Product Registration and Trademark Registration: All You Need to Know

Well, you must have been having this doubt for a long time now. Yes, it is a fact that many of us do not know the difference between product registration and trademark registration. But as we know it is an important factor to be known by all traders. Don’t be worried even if you have no idea regarding this, for we are going to have a clear cut idea about this through the below given information.


Trademark registration grants protection to the mark representing or symbolizing a business. Design registration grants protection for the design of the product. A trademark represents a mark that distinguishes and identifies the source of the goods or services for the consumers. So in simple words, trademark is nothing but a mark that enables the customers to identify and understand the source of the goods and services. Therefore a trademark is very much important and it is unavoidable as well. If a trademark  is registered, the same cannot be used by any other traders.


Product registration is something that is unavoidable and without this a trade is not possible. Product registration means, with respect to a product in a particular country or territory, the registration or regulatory approval granted by the applicable governmental authority in such country or territory allowing for such product to be marketed, distributed, sold or imported there. So in simple words, a product registration is nothing but getting official consent from the government of a particular country or region to market, distribute, sold or import our products there.

Is product registration and trademark registration mandatory in UAE?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Both product registration and Trademark Registration is mandatory in UAE. And without having product registration it is not safe to sell your products and thus it also becomes essential and unavoidable.

How to move about product registration in UAE?

The product registration requirement is made mandatory in Dubai, UAE control the import, manufacturing and promotion of all products. The Municipality of each Emirates is the real competent authority under which the importers and the local manufacturers are liable to register their products. The products registration process actually ensures that the label in the product would convey all the necessary information to the consumers. And another important factor regarding this is that the product registration in Abu Dhabi, UAE enables the government to easily reach out to the manufacturers if anything related to product safety comes under their radar. Therefore it is of utmost importance. The process of product registration is same in all seven Emirates of UAE including Abu Dhabi. So if you are keen to register your products in UAE, be it in any of the Emirates, don’t be tensed but just go along with your aspirations.

What are the important aspects regarding the product registration in Dubai Municipality?

Oh! If you are planning to register your products in Dubai Municipality or any of the Municipalities in UAE, you need to understand the fact that the Dubai Municipality and also all the municipalities in UAE controls the products that enter their territory. The control is done through the registration of the products. Through this they make sure that harmful products are not entering their markets. Dubai Municipality conducts random testing, inspections based on quality of the products, and so on to ensure the quality of the product and to make sure that the customer safety is protected. Therefore it is understood that if you are planning to register your products in Dubai, you can never compromise with the quality of the product.

What about the trademark registration in UAE?

If your are planning to do trademark registration in the UAE, don’t be worried because there is a Trademark registration service in UAE which enables the registration of a new trademark, whereby the registration application is examined and reviewed to verify that the trademark to be registered is not identical or similar to one previously registered or requested from the Ministry of Economy.

UAE is now the heart of world Market. Therefore registering a product in UAE is really a fulfillment of your dream. So if you are planning to register your products in UAE just move forward. And if you need any further information regarding the difference between product registration and trademark registration please reach out to us in FIMKIN.

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