Translation Services

Need urgent help with your documents in Abu Dhabi?

Having tight deadlines but couldn’t find good translators who can do your job without erring?

Come to Fimkin, we can get it done the aptest way. Our translators are experienced in changing your documents to another language in rigor that it never misses or mistranslates a thing from your original document. All our translations undergo a 3-step verification process to ensure accuracy. It is first translated to the required language by a translator, which undergoes a serious editing process to rule out any errors.

This edited document is then proofread by our experts to remove the minutest of the errors. This way we assure quality in our service and give you the benefit of a professional workflow. We translate it all – from individual and business contracts to court cases and driving licenses.

Court approval For many legal documents to be valid in UAE they are to be in Arabic or bilingual i.e., English and Arabic, and approved by a legal authority before being submitted for any government purposes. This includes all personal and business documents like LLC business contracts, power of attorney, special power of attorney, license amendment, etc. Thus, any such documents in any other language including English require an approved translator to convert them to Arabic and upload it online for court approval.

    Our specialties:

  • Accuracy – The documents we translate are always multiple checked for errors and quality of content.
  • Competitive prices – We offer translations at the best prices in the region and even provide discounts in bulk translations.
  • Quick service – The translated documents are delivered on the same day or at the earliest possible depending on the size of the files.
  • Confidentiality – We are obliged to maintain the secrecy of your documents and we never disclose in a manner that can cause you trouble.
  • Free Delivery – We pick up and deliver your papers at your doorstep so that you need not to worry about collecting them during your busy hours.