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Fimkin is one of the leading business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi, with a vision to provide world-class services that will help our clients make substantial improvements to the performance of their businesses or organizations. We offer tailored, innovative solutions to small, medium and large-scale companies to get established and run efficiently. Our team of professionals helps you execute your idea in the best possible way that will enable to emerge stronger and smarter. With an experience of more than 3 years, we help you through every step of the way as you extend your business to new horizons. We maintain a transparency in all our dealings so as to achieve 100% client satisfaction. Our passion about taking immense challenges got us a solid track record in helping entrepreneurs launch their business or improving an existing business.


Fimkin provides insightful, qualitative and technological business startup solutions. The best time to seek professional business advice is before starting. Fimkin likes to act as your guiding force, no matter whatever stage you are at present. We are happy to assist businesses with Outsourcing Pro Services so as to help you focus on growing your business. We offer end-to-end support and PRO services for all the administrative functions.

Fimkin offers immaculate and cost-effective typing services in Abu Dhabi – UAE. Our team of professionals is committed to preparing online applications, e-forms and much more with accuracy, privacy and proficiency.We also assist medical professionals with registering HAAD and DOH, and preparing you for the examination, thus helping them find suitable medical opportunities. 

With Fimkin services at your side, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of VAT management. Our clear knowledge in federal and international laws of Value Added Tax works to help clients with Auditing and VAT registration in UAE.


Fimkin has comprehensive experience in the application process for ADNOC Vendor Registration which can be a tedious and costly experience if you don’t have the right information or meet the strict guidelines. We make sure that we analyze each potential ADNOC vendor in-depth and advice on the best solutions to pre-qualify. With a focus on our client’s satisfaction, our team takes gratification in providing these valuable services to various industries and sectors.

Our Values

We have a wonderful team who respect, trust and care for each other. We believe in treating well and that’s what it helped to work with clients over a long period of time. We value innovation, transparency, integrity, results, customer satisfaction and moreover happiness and those values exactly define what we do.

We ensure that we place our business ethics at the core of every service we provide. Our commitment to high-quality professionalism, comprehensive capability across all business categories, the belief in establishing long term relationship with our clients etc. are considered as some of our strengths that we value greatly. Our values take us to move ahead with aspiration for our business.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be trusted business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi by providing unique and affordable business solutions. Our success is measured by the value we deliver to our clients, dedication of the staff we employ, and our strength and power as a firm. The culture of our business is shaped by the core values we develop. They mentor our decisions and engagement with the clients. We try to adopt, own and apply our values in all our client works which helps us to run efficiently.

Our mission is to provide superior business solutions by which our clients can meet their goals more effectively and timely. We maintain long-term relationship with our clients based on loyalty and professionalism. We follow the philosophy “Ethics First” in everything we do, and thus strive to extend comprehensive solutions that meet the professional standards. Customer satisfaction and retention are what we focus on. We look forward to work with global companies and offer them the finest possible solutions that are cost effective.

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