Ajman Free Zone Business Set up

Ajman Free Zone Business Set up

The Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), which was established in 1988, has greatly aided the emirate’s industrial development by drawing in a large number of businesses and providing facilities and competitive advantages that have bolstered the commerce, banking, and industrial sectors. Numerous businesses that have benefited from investment advantages. The same have prospered and seen significant returns on their investments as well.

Fimkin’s assistance is readily available for the customer who are planning to start a business set up in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) UAE.

It’s easy to register your business under the right category at Ajman Free Zone because AFZ provides platform for a wide variety of business types.  An entrepreneur can be equally confident of AFZ’s streamlined setup procedure, first-rate service, and unwavering support whether you are a freelancer in your community, or your business is located outside and is looking for representation in the United Arab Emirates.


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How Ajman Free Zone Could be a good choice for your Business Set up?

  • Proximity

    Easy access to major centres like Ajman Port, Dubai & Sharjah Airports

  • Digital Gateway

    Completely digitized set up to support business growth

  • Value Added Services

    Additional service support like medical, banking and insurance extended to various business types

  • 100% Company ownership

    Provides choices and ownership flexibilities

  • Customer Support

    24 hours customer support to assist various business needs

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Developed Infrastructure to support businesses.

At Ajman Free Zone, a very diverse range of business types are encouraged hence it is hassle free to register your company under the right category. Whether you being a local freelance practitioner, or if your company is functioning from abroad , as long as your company seeks representation in the UAE, you can stay confident and peaceful of our simplified set up procedures , best services, and full-fledged support.

What are the Major services provided by Ajman Free Zone?

  • License Issuing

  • Continues Support for existing clients

  • Visas for Investors and Employees

Which are types of licenses issued by AFZ?

  • Commercial

  • Industrial/Manufacturer

  • Services

  • Pioneers Package

  • Freelancer Package

  • E- Commerce

  • Offshore

Which all Business Categories can you apply for the ownership at AFZ?

Freezone Establishment (FZE)

The Businesses obtaining a license under this category will have the status of an entirely independent corporate entity.Along with the application form the below documents are also required:


Passport copy – (this should be valid for at least 6 months)


Photograph (Colour)


No Objection Letter from sponsor if the applicant is a resident of UAE


Visa copy or UID

Branch Of A Local Company

The businesses in a Free Zone Company holding a valid license from any other UAE licensing authority are eligible for this license. Along with the application form the below documents are also required:


Company Manager’s Passport copy (this should be valid for at least 6 month)


Colored photograph and Visa copy or UID


Trade License copy


MOA Copy


Board Resolution copy

Branch Of A Foreign Company

Businesses established outside UAE can apply for licenses under this category. The ownership of such company will be 100% foreign. However, any sales shall be only made through a UAE registered agent or distributor. This activity shall be commercial, industrial/manufacture or services. Documents Required with the Application Form:


Passport copy of company manager (valid for at least 6 months)


Colored photograph of company manager


Visa copy of company manager


Trade License copy


MOA Copy


Board Resolution copy

Freezone Company (FZC)

This category shall be availed by Corporate individuals who needs to run a company.Activities shall include industrial/manufacture, commercial or service. Documents Required with the Application Form:


Each partner’s passport copy (the same to be valid for at least 6 months)


Color photograph for each partner


No Objection Letter from the sponsor if the applicant is a resident of UAE


Visa copy or UID for each partner.

What are the Major services provided by Fujairah Free Zone?

Executive Offices

Strategically arranged executive offices in accordance with location convenience created optimally to suit your business needs ensuring a professional environment and convenience. We also provide support in customizing creative office as per the business setup.


Furnished Office spaces standard and customoized exclusively for startups, rising entrepreneurs and organizations to establish and expand.

Business Center

Cost efficient solutions for startups and small medium enterprises to share a co working space with meeting rooms and networking lounge with best professional ambience thereby less overhead cost.

Freelancer & Pioneers Hub

At AFZ, there are no restrictions of long-term overheads providing freedom to freelancers.

AI Robotics Hub & E- Commerce Hub

 The AI robotic hub & E commerce facility is equipped with co-working space & executive offices.

Eco Friendly Zone

The eco-friendly warehouses are Gold LEED certified sustainable areas. In order to ensure smooth logistics, these facilities are strategically placed close to the Ajman Port and Customs. These customizable spaces starting at a less place as small as 100M2 are equipped with diverse business amenities.


Easy accessiblepre- built warehouses at the convenient and designated locations especially port.

Eco Friendly Zone

In response to the increasing storage demand from customers, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has come up with a flexible solution of temporary leasing of warehouses for short-term rent that too in different size  custom made as per user preferences in addition to utilities services. Non-licensed customers at Ajman Free Zone can access services and enjoy VAT exemption.

Onsite Accomodation Land

Onsite accommodation with fair and convenient room spacing. The range of facilities include a 24/7 security service, centralized AC, lavatory and laundry services, Prayer accommodation areas, restaurants and pantries with an outdoor area. and parking facilities for cars and bikes etc.