ADNOC Registration

What is ADNOC?

ADNOC is one of the top tiers of the lowest carbon intensity oil and gas producers around the globe. By investing in tomorrow’s business, ADNOC takes significant steps to make today’s energy cleaner.

As per the records, ADNOC’s output was roughly 2.5 million barrels during the 1990s. ADNOC contributes to the globe by making a substantial investment to increase oil production amid growing pressure to reduce output due to climate change.

Outlook of ADNOC

Founded in the year 1971, ADNOC is a diversified energy group, which is completely owned by the Abu Dhabi Government.


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What do you mean by ADNOC registration?

As we have gone through the synopsis of ADNOC, the history and mission, there is a big question mark that many companies are facing and always in search of the accurate solution that is “What is ADNOC registration and how a company can register with ADNOC?”, The state-owned tycoon, the ADNOC is always open and available to service providers and partners to work and involve in the business of ADNOC. For a company which plans to register their company with ADNOC, they must undergo certain criteria which are clearly mentioned in the procurement parameters.

As it is known, ADNOC is always committed to developing and maintaining a well-qualified, competitive, and sustainable supply chain of partners. A company can either register as a vendor or a supplier with ADNOC.
Registration with this top-tier is not always easy and hassle-free for companies. The documentation part, the criteria, the expenses, choosing the accurate registration partner are always the big concerns of companies.

The main part is that a company should possess Abu Dhabi trade license to proceed for ADNOC registration. There are certain activities which the trade license “should” hold and in case of legal form also, some things are there to be kept in mind. Apart from this, there is a documentation area which is also a headache for Wishlist companies.
When a company is facing tons of questions marks in ADNOC registration, Fimkin Corporate Service Providers always lend a hand to find solutions to your questions and concerns.

Before initiating the process, make sure that your company possesses the following key requirements.

  • Abu Dhabi Mainland DED license

  • SPC or the Supreme Petroleum Council Approval

  • VAT Certificate

  • Appropriate activities in the license

If you tick the mentioned key requirements, we can initiate the process of ADNOC registration.


Why choose Fimkin?

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This is the crucial part. When an ocean of agencies and service providers are there to help and carry out ADNOC registration, why should one choose Fimkin or How Fimkin is different from the other service providers? The answer is simple, Fimkin has a well-experienced and well-established team who have the success stories of ADNOC registration and the satisfaction of uncountable clients. It is always fruitful to choose the right partner at the right time rather than searching for fraudsters. With Fimkin, the ADNOC registration of your company can be carried out smoother and hassle-free. We assure you complete support and transparency from the beginning to the end.

If you make the wrong choice at the beginning, you risk rejection of the registration, and the company will have an additional expense as well. So, a wise choice will never risk your time and capital.