Product Registration

What do you mean by Product registration?

Consumer safety is the basic ideology behind product registration. This is the process which allows the firm to register their products with the UAE’s federal system and prove the safety and security of the product. Different types of products can be registered through process and their quality can be measured and assured. All the products are required to be registered before their import, promote, and sell in the United Arab Emirates. The registration process is conducted by several authorities such as the safety and health section Municipality, Food department, ministry of economy and interiors and the like. The most important one is the Municipality while other departments are also required for completion of this process.

Why is it mandatory to register a Product in the United Arab Emirates?

Even if it is a Food item, cosmetic item or such sorts of things, products registration is very important and crucial to protect the domestic markets by restricting fake products and harmful goods. Product registration controls the entry of fake or harmful products into the UAE market. It also ensures quality and customer safety by focusing on product registrations, product inspections and random product testing. Apart from the marketing part, product registration also provides enormous benefits to the manufacturer and traders like label protection, brand protection, free sale certification, import rights, export rights as well as hassle-free trade in the UAE market.


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Major Benefits of Product Registration

All services have got their pros and cons. But registering a product in the United Arab Emirates will provide you with an enormous benefit. Which includes the following:

  • The products can be import, sell, and promote in the local market of Unites Arab Emirates

  • Seamless trade in the UAE and globally

  • Registration of your product will make it eligible not only for Dubai, but you can also launch your product in the other emirates as well.

  • All the products registered are integrated into a single system. This makes it easier for government, traders, and customers to get detailed information about all the consumer products.

Points to remember

Product registration in the Federal System depends on the specific product and the registration process may vary.

The manufacturer or trader must comply with the latest product standards and regulations to obtain product registration allowing them to produce, export or import products into the UAE market.

How Fimkin makes a difference?

Fimkin’s unparalleled team conducts your registration of products within the committed time. Detailed & proper guidance will be given before registering any product. Apart from all these, before initiating registration, you need to start your business in the UAE. As a well-established business service provider, Fimkin can support and guide you with the company formation which makes all your requirements under one roof. So, once you obtain the trade license for your business, we can start the product registration process and then other approvals from different government entities. We can provide all services under one roof. Linked services with Product registration will be:

Obtaining trade license

Creating product logo or designs

Representative/Branch Offices

Logo designing for the product

All other advertising works for its marketing

Product registration in the federal system