Flexi Desk Office

Flexi Desk Office In Dubai, UAE

This refers to Flexi Desk as a Smart Office or simply “Desk” facility. It comprises a desk and a chair set up and the facility is provided for a business registered in a free zone jurisdiction. The Flexi desk facility is devoid of any cabin, wall or enclosure of any type. Flexi desks of certain jurisdictions may provide additional facilities like P O Box, phone and broadband internet. Unlike Virtual Office, Flexi desk provides physical office space for a business or a start-up venture. The business can fully make use of the desk and chair facilities as a workstation. And because of this, Flexi desks are more expensive than Virtual Offices. Flexi desks are mainly offered in Free zone based business centres for yearly basis rent.


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Benefits of having a Flexi-desk in Dubai

Flexi desks are beneficial for startups since they offer a physical workspace with basic amenities like desk & chair, P O box, phone number, internet etc. The business owner or the employees can use the Flexi desk as a workstation and lock the desk after work. In certain scenarios, the business may take advantage of additionals like videoconferencing and meeting rooms. Flexi desks are the most cost-effective choices for a business that is very concern with physical office space. Its a cost-effective option than renting an office space. It saves your precious time and effort. Pursuing the business setup formalities for a registered office set up can become a time-consuming task.