Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Business Set up

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Business Set up.

The goal of the 2017 launch of SHAMS Free Zone was to establish a premier center for media and creativity. As the free zone with the fastest growth, it encourages business owners to operate in the creative industries. Additionally, the free zone is close to the international airports in Sharjah and Dubai. The SHAMS free zone provides affordable resources for companies of all sizes, from small startups to major multinational corporations. About 200 different business ventures, ranging from accounting to wholesale, are based in SHAMS.

Young entrepreneurs can launch their businesses with SHAMS as early as age 19. When compared to other free zones, this one is unique in that company employees can be as young as 18. Because the company’s documents are electronic, clients can print them from any location. Entrepreneurs don’t need to be concerned about misplacing the originals. The authenticity of the document can also be confirmed by visiting the SHAMS website.

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What are the license types provided by SHAMS Free Zone?

Depending on their line of work, entrepreneurs can invest in trading, services, manufacturing, or holding licenses through the four licenses that Sharjah Media City Freezone offers.

Service License

A service license from SHAMS enables business owners to produce, reproduce, or distribute services in any other way. Those with service licenses are able to make providing services their main goal.

Industrial License

Production and other forms of manufacturing of goods are permitted under this license. You can start a business here that focuses on production, re-production, or any other kind of manufacturing.

Trading License

Companies with trading licenses are able to import and export goods as well as sell goods within SHAMS. This covers the transport of goods, as well as the selling of goods at retail, wholesale, and other settings. The final phases in the distribution of goods are retail and wholesale.

Holding License

Possessing assets or stock in other businesses is permitted by holding licenses. In this scenario, you require a holding company in order to manage other businesses or assets such as stocks, patents, trademarks, real estate, and other properties.

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Why to try your business set up with SHAMS Free Zone?

The upfront and renewal costs of the Sharjah Media City Freezone are negligible. In the UAE, this free zone provides a simple registration procedure. You can also register the business in less than a week.

  • 100% Ownership

  • Free from import and export charges for goods and services Free from taxes such as corporate and personal taxes

  • updated infrastructure

  • Simple paperwork procedure Unique chance for media and associated business establishment

  • Complementary legal systems and business legislation

  • An affordable free zone for establishing a business quickly

  • No paid-up capital for shares and yearly audit

  • Permit hiring of foreign workers

  • Easy to open a corporate bank account

  • Doesn't need you to be present in person to launch the business

  • Market accessibility throughout the MENA and Asian regions

  • Prompt service Simple customer portal

How does one move to setting up a business in SHAMS?


The entreprenuer must provide the relevant authorities with a number of documents in order to proceed with company setup in the Sharjah Media City Freezone.


All of the documentation from pertinent authorities must be attested.


The parent company's documentation should be produced by the branch company.


Obtain the necessary departmental approval before forming a company.


Advanced infrastructure


Although media-related industries are mostly preferred by SHAMS, other industries also flourish in this free zone.