DAFZA Business Set-up

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DAFZA Business Set-up

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) was founded in 1996 and is the home to more than 1700 international firms, registered across 20+ different sectors. Just as its name suggests, the free zone is attached to the airport and hence a prestigious free zone for companies that are involved in air space, private jet and logistics, apart from many other fields related to it. Due to its strategic location, the demand for company set up in this free zone is always high as it offers easy access to the markets in Middle East, North Africa and Far Eastern countries. Like all free zones, it offers 100% ownership, no capital limits, tax benefits and other advantages.

Some of the key advantages of having a set up in DAFZA are as follows:

  • Close proximity to the airport

  • Fast clearance and document processing

  • All inclusive administration and support services

  • World class amenities

  • Investor centric management

  • No currency restrictions

  • Corporate tax, individual tax and import-export tax exemptions

DAFZA Business Setup Packages

There are few company set-ups that are available as a part of their package. Some of them are:

FZCO company

It is similar to an LLC with more than two shareholders, be it an individual, corporate or a combination of both, and having shares of equal value.

Branch office

Business entities that already exist can have their branch offices with DAFZA, with the same activities in its license

The licenses that DAFZA issues are as follows

Before finalizing the type of license, it is always best to have a discussion with the DAFZA authorities to finalize the same.

Trade license

These licenses are used for the purpose of trading, import, export and distribution for specific categories

Service license

This license is for any service-oriented businesses.

Industrial license

This license is for light weight manufacturing and assembling.

General trading license

This license is for any company looking to move into various fields.

Why choose Fimkin?

DAFZA provides its clients with office spaces as required and also has small warehouse facilities and an industrial park, for those looking for more space. They give apt IT support, and also have a retail center with facilities like conference rooms and convenience stores, that  can be used. Moreover, they have a very customer centric approach as far as their clients are concerned, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to set up a business that needs close interaction with the airports.

The documentation required is also quite simple, like the business plan, details about the shareholders, business name along with all the required information. We at Fimkins will guide you through the whole process and make it easy for you to have your business set-up and running in no time.