Fujairah Free Zone Business Set up

Fujairah Free Zone Business Set up

The Al Sharqi family is the ruling charge of Fujairah, the only Emirate without a coastline on the Arabian Gulf. Nestled on the Gulf of Oman’s shore, Fujairah spans an area of over 1,300 square kilometers.Its primary topographical features are mountains and plains, in contrast to other Emirates where the desert occupies a significant portion of the land. The main drivers of Fujairah’s economy are agriculture and fishing. Rainwater from the Hajar Mountains irrigates the ground in Fujairah, making it perfect for agriculture. The current ruler of the emirate is Sheikh Hamad bin MohammedAlSharqi.

The Port of Fujairah is next to the Fujairah Free Zone. With weekly feeder vessels, businesses established here have easy access to all ports in the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, India, and Pakistan. Weekly departures from North America and twice weekly to the Far East are made by mainline services that arrive from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Far East, and NorthAmerica. The only airport serving the UAE East Coast and northern Oman, Fujairah International Airport, is located adjacent to the Fujairah Free Zone.The Free Zone of Fujairah is a great site for business thanks to its advantageous location near the world’s main shipping lanes, a first-rate port and airport, and efficient administrative processes.The triple advantage of the Fujairah Free Zone—accessibility, connectivity, and economy—benefits investors.


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Conveniences of choosing Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) for your Business Set up

  • Multiple access points via land, sea, and air to nearby and international markets

  • Less Time and best effeciency

  • Investor-focused strategies

  • Effective and economical facilitation of investments

  • Total security for investments

Banking – 18 banks in Fujairah operates and provides all the banking facilities locally and internationally. The License of Fujairah Free Zone grants the privilege.

you to open an account in any bank of your choice immediately.  We would like to state that the banks in Fujairah strongly look at the feasibility of the project, securities and guarantees in the initial stages. Further, the bank also provides some funding at a later stage.

All Visit visa requirements are provided by the Authority.
Visit Visa – 1 Week – Requires Passport Copy.

What are the Major services provided by Fujairah Free Zone?

Administrative Services

The Authority is equipped with effective personnel to offer timely support in securing services from relevant Federal Ministries are Driving license, Registration of cars, Notarization of legal documents, Entry permits, Residence visas, Transit and visit visas for investors and employees, Providing recruitment services for personnel at all levels


After the terms and conditions of the contract are finalized and the first year’s financial obligations (premises rent, licensing fees, and registration with the Fujairah Chamber of Commerce) are fulfilled, the license will be issued, within a maximum of 48 hours.


After a license is issued, investors who are leasing pre-built units or trading offices can move into the space right away. But, investors who sign contracts to build custom buildings can also use the facilities of Free Zones to set up their manufacturing units while their units are being built.


Investors can issue NOC/Certificate by submitting an application letter through the website.

Registration and Downloads

Provision to submit various applications online and to download related regulations.


Provision to download related laws and procedures.

Visa service charges

Visit Visa  For One Month
1050 AED
Employment Visa
3450 AED
Employment Visa For Offices
4450 AED
Employment Visa For  WH
1000 AED
Renewal Of Residence Visa
3050 AED
Cancellation Of Visa 
150 AED
Cancellation Of Visa    (Person Outside  The UAE)
200 AED
Cancellation Of Employ Visa
150 AED
Transfer Of Visa
1000 AED

Related Services

Change Of  Profession
450  AED
Salary  Certificate
10 AED
NOC For Driving  License
10 AED
Car Registration
10 AED
Temporary Gate Pass (Personal Monthly)
10 AED
Temporary Gate Pass (Personal Yearly)
100 AED
Temporary Gate Pass Vehicle (inside FFZA)
30 AED
Temporary Gate Pass Vehicle (outside FFZA)
100 AED
Port Pass
10 AED

What are the services provided by Fujairah Free Zone for initial set up?

The Fujairah Free Zone is equipped to support investors in the trading, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution sectors by offering trading offices, warehouses, or land in accordance with their needs in addition to

Virtual Offices

Flexi Desk

Representative/Branch Offices



Custom Built Units

Overseas Company (Offshore)