CICPA Registration

Understanding CICPA

The Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) is the official authority for the security and protection of Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure and the country’s resources. CICPA is responsible for issuing security clearance for companies and employees working within any of Abu Dhabi’s critical establishments. This is a permit or security pass which allows access to the restricted ports and fields of Abu Dhabi. Each CICPA pass is unique and would need to be applied for individually.

Criteria for CICPA Registration

There are many restricted areas in Abu Dhabi, which are not accessible without the accurate and relevant CICPA pass.It is imperative that companies wishing to apply for CICPA passes meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Abu Dhabi Trade License

  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Certification

  • Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) approval

  • Have a contract in place with a concession holding company and obtain an invite letter (LOA) from ADNOC



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Limitations in availing CICPA Pass

CICPA security permits for an individual will be rejected for the following reasons.

  • Freezone visa (aside from some Freezones Masdar City, twofour54, ADGM additional approvals will apply to these)

  • Visit visa

  • Tourist visa

  • Non-Abu Dhabi issued visa

There are numerous procedures to follow before CICPA passes can be applied for. Only employees of an Abu Dhabi company are eligible for CICPA, and no temporary passes are allowed for employees employed with other emirate.

CICPA Pass for Vehicles?

If the work that you are undertaking is in a CICPA zone, it definitely requires vehicles for transport or work, then you must obtain a CICPA pass for those vehicles.

The CICPA pass is obtained for a vehicle in the same way that a CICPA pass is obtained for an individual person, the following basic steps:

  • You must obtain a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from ADNOC

  • Within this LOA it must be stated what vehicle types are needed to carry out the work in the CICPA area and how many vehicles and for what time duration.

  • To obtain a CICPA pass for a vehicle, the vehicle must be owned by the company with the LOA. These are the general criteria for CICPA security pass applications.