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Foreign Branch Set up

Globalization is an inevitable force for continuous business growth. Every company who looks forward to grow and expand are consistently looking to invest and expand into regions that will benefit their business. With the UAE being the business hub of the Middle East and a gateway to the North African region, it is the best strategy for ensuring optimum presence in the region for any company which wishes to branch out and expand in various parts of the world. Opening a foreign branch office in the UAE would mean taking advantage of its premium status, its world class infrastructure, an abundant pool of talented professionals and favourable tax conditions.

The main advantages of having a foreign branch office in the UAE are as follows:

  • 100 percent ownership by the firm

  • No limit in capital investment

  • The ability to deal with local companies like any other company can

  • Taking advantage of all the facilities provided for a business entity

  • Access to the entire GCC region due to its median status

A foreign branch office is basically an extension of the mother company in a different country. A branch office will operate like a local entity, adhering to the local rules and regulations. Some of the matters to be considered while setting a branch office in the UAE are:

  • The activities of the branch office must be the same – partly or completely - as the parent company. It can include manufacturing, assembling, import-export and distribution, or regular service providing.

  • The parent company must apply for all the licenses for the branch office as per the rules and regulations.

  • The parent company is responsible for the liabilities of the branch office.

  • The branch office will be taxed as per its earnings within the country.

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