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Difference between embassy attestation and home country attestation

Many are getting confused with embassy attestation and home country attestation. Embassy attestation are used for the following purposes:

  • Work in foreign countries

  • Admissions in UAE

  • For MOFA attestation

  • Establishing a new branch of your existing business

  • Sponsoring your spouse or children

  • Migration purposes

  • Obtaing UAE work permits

In all the above mentioned cases, it is mandatory have an embassy stamping (embassy of that country where the document was issued) if you are trying to obtain Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stamp in the UAE. The purpose will be the same for home country attestation but the procedure is different.

When you are trying to get your documents attested from the UAE embassy, you will feel much hassle and need lots of effort. Most of the embassy needs appointments, additional documents before stamping the certificate for attestation.
In case of home country attestation, the procedures varies according to the country where the document was issued.

The main difference between embassy attestation and home country attestation is, if it home country, the attestation will be done from that country where the document was issued. In case embassy attestation, the UAE embassy stamping (that country where the document was issued) is required.
For the purpose of using a document in the foreign country or migration purposes, a document first of all requires, Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamping and then the destination country embassy/consulate stamp.

Are all the embassy attestation procedures the same?

If you have an experience in visiting any embassy before, you will come to know that not all the embassies are having the same attestation procedures. Some embassies will give you the stamping within the day while some takes a couple of day or week. Some embassies needs an appointment for document submission, while some embassies will have walk-in facility. The rules of each embassy change from each country to country. According to the embassy, type of document and purpose, the criteria and additional supporting documents varies.

Why choose Fimkin?

Fimkin provides the best and reliable attestation service in the UAE. We provide you the accurate updates regarding the attestation and you can sit back relax by handing over your document to us. Fimkin provides more than 100 countries attestation services here in UAE. Our well versed attestation team will guide you and provide you with the complete attestation solution for your certificates.

We have attestation services for UAE embassies and consulates as well. Some of the major embassies that Fimkin helps you in attestation includes Spain, UK, USA, France, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Germany and much more.

For each embassy attestation and home country attestation, Fimkin can be your trusted partner whom you can always relay on.