Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation is mandatory to get the resident visa in UAE, If your child is born in UAE and any other countries. The birth certificate has to be authenticated with official stamp and sign of the issuing authority. The birth certificate can be attested or apostilled as per your requirement and the issuing country regulations. Before you choose any attestation service provider you have to cleverly pick them, since the birth certificate is a very important document for any individual for the lifetime. Fimkin attestation services are very well-known for safe and secure attestation services. Just check out the details below about the relevant documents and procedure for attestation of Birth Certificate. Documents to Submit for Attestation of Birth Certificate: Original Birth Certificate issued by the authorities in the name of the Certificate holder. Passport copies of both parents.

Reasons of Attesting Birth Certificate in UAE: If the child is born in UAE, an attested birth certificate is the most required legal paper to get the passport for minors being born abroad. To get the VISA process done for the child. For school admission. For any purpose of Migration. To change the name in school, college or any government documents in future. Procedure for Birth Certificate Attestation: The attestation of the certificate involves various government departments authentication in home country than the country where the certificate to be used. It goes as follows. Verification of the notary public has to be done first. Attestation from the External Affairs/Foreign Affairs in the home country. Attestation from the Embassy in the home country. Attestation from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs where the certificate has to be used.

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