Transfer Certificate Attestaion

Transfer Certificate Attestaion

Transfer Certificate Attestation is a compulsory requirement as per the UAE ministry of education law for the admission of a student in any school or college in UAE. Therefore, you must have it ready for you before seeking/applying for admission. Since Transfer certificate is treated as the evidence of the student’s previous schooling. In case of failure to produce the attested transfer certificate will result losing the admission of the student. We Prompt attestation services will take care of all your needs in attesting transfer certificate from the doorstep to the last process of delivery. Basically implicates several steps for attestation between two countries of the government departments. The Transfer Certificate should contain details as mentioned below and must be on the official letterhead of the school or college. Full name of the Certificate holder. Date of Admission to the school or college Certificate holders date of birth Last date of certificate holder’s attendance in school Syllabus used School/college Stamp and Signature of the principal or authorized person. Documents required for Transfer Certificate Attestation: Original Transfer Certificate of the issued country. Passport copy of the transfer certificate holder Passport copy of one of the parents (in case of a minor) Authorization letter (if required) Attestation required by: Ministry of Education (from the certificate issued country) Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministry of External Affairs (in the home country where the certificate was issued) UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate (in the home country) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in UAE).

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