Ajman Mainland Company Formation

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Business setup in Ajman mainland

Ajman is a small beautiful Emirate, in close proximity of Dubai and Sharjah. If you have decided to go with Ajman for your business set-up, then we at Fimkins are ready to help you with. Some of the advantages of having your business in Ajman are as follows:

  • Company formation regulations are comparatively easier and hassle free.

  • Manufacturing industry finds Ajman easy for warehousing options.

  • Ajman is a city with low cost office and commercial spaces.

  • Easy access to airports and seaports

  • Ajman has a variety of options in licenses to choose from

License types for business setup in Ajman Mainland

Trading license

E-Commerce License

Industrial License

Professional License

National Industrial License

General Maintenance License

five types of business or corporate entities in Ajman Mainland

There are five types of business or corporate entities you can form in Ajman Mainland. The rules are different for each of the entities. There is no need to find it difficult and intimidating, when we at Fimkin are exactly here to do it for you. Here are the five types of business structure that you can form in Ajman Mainland briefly explained

Sole Establishment

Sole Establishment is for investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to be the only owner in their business, even though it is limited to certain industries. A sole establishment does not have limited liability, but it has some potential risks as well.

Limited Liability Company

Ajman Mainland has the most affordable Limited Liability Company formation compared to the rest of the Emirates. In this form of company, liabilities are limited to the amount of capital you have invested in the business. That means, if your business were to liquidate or go into bankruptcy, then your personal properties would be safe.

Public/Private Shareholding Company

In this type of company, you can have your start-up and your business idea funded by investment firms who are interested in your idea. All you will need is a clear business plan and we can get you through this process.

Professional Firm

Professional firm license is for service providers like accountants, consultants, etc. These firms can have single or multiple owners.

Branch Office

Branch OfficeFor an existing company in UAE, it is easy to open a branch office in Ajman mainland. This is one way of streamlining business all across the UAE by registering the company logo as trademark in the general logo of the UAE.

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