Company Representative Office

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Company Representative Office

A representative office is a form of branch office of a foreign company, that can do only limited activities. The office is not expected to be earning and hence all its finances are to be routed through its parent company. With UAE being among the “Top 20 of Global Ease of Doing Business” rankings, having a representative office is a way for firms like banks and airlines to have their presence in the market, while servicing their clients onshore. Some of the advantages of having a representative office:

  • Heavy tax benefits

  • Taking advantage of the infrastructure of the country

  • Increased service providing

  • Minimum share capital requirement

The process to establish a company representative office is slightly different from that from a regular office. The foreign company furnishes all documents related to their foreign operation like ownership and legal structure, nature of business, etc. to the Ministry of Economy before going ahead with registering the representative office.

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