UAQ Free Zone Business Set up

UAQ Free Zone Business Set up

Established primarily to support SMEs and micro-businesses, Umm Al Quwain FTZ is an investor-friendly, progressive free-zone that offers favorable setup costs, 100% company ownership, and no currency restrictions. The Dubai International Airport can be reached easily in 45 minutes by road from Umm Al Quwain Free Zone.

With easy access to the rest of the world, UAQ FTZ is located near the main sea ports in the United Arab Emirates and just an hour’s drive from both Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport.

Despite being in the smallest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, the UAQ Free Trade Zone has all the amenities that larger free zones are planning to offer.

Businesses searching for reasonably priced business licenses, offices, and warehouse space have found appeal in Umm Al Quwain Free Zone.



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What investors can get from UAQ FTZ

  • Brevity and convenience in conducting business

  • customer-focused methodology

  • Investor-friendly environment

  • Outstanding prospects for advancement

  • Affordable options for renting warehouse and office space

What are the type of licenses ?

The following kinds of licenses are acceptable for use by UAQ Free Zone Companies:

Commercial License

Import, export, distribution, and storage of the things listed on the commercial license are all covered. Three distinct product lines or ten related product lines are allowed under a commercial license.

General Trading License

With a general trading license, you can engage in a greater variety of business ventures and have the flexibility and freedom to deal in any good that is legal to sell in the United Arab Emirates.

Consultancy License

Consultancy licenses are granted to organizations that provide professional or expert advice to a wide range of professionals, including artists and craftspeople. It permits two comparable activities.

Freelance License

A freelance permit enables an individual to work as a self-employed professional and carry out business under their given name rather than a company or brand.

Industrial License

Industrial licenses allow businesses to import raw materials, manufacture, process, assemble, package, and export finished goods.

Service License

Use the Free Zone to perform the services listed on the license, including logistics, courier services, insurance services, travel agencies, tour operators, and car rentals, among others.

Which are the legal entities under UAQ?

FreeZone Establishment

Free Zone Company

Branch of an existing company

How Businesses are supported by UAQ FZ Platform?


No personal or corporate tax


Full ownership of the business


Complete repatriation of earnings and capital


No share capital needs to be paid


Within the Free Zone, there is a 100% import and export tax exemption


All types of business operations are allowed



Easy and quick registration procedure



Land, offices, and warehouse space are available



In close proximity to two major seaports and international airports


Favorable laws and regulations for investors


The perfect place for microbusinesses and SMEs

12+ Years Experience

What are the documents required ?

  • Copy of the owner's passport

  • Directors' and shareholders' copies of passports

  • Verification of the manager's or owner's residence

  • Form of application

  • The articles of association and the memorandum

  • A document proving incorporation

  • Resolution from the board and attorney power

Since the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone wants to minimize the amount of paperwork needed to open a business, we advise you to speak with us for the most recent list of required documents.

As Fimkin’s major focus is client satisfaction our team of professionals is available to help you launch your business quickly and effectively with the utmost suitable Business platform suitable for the client , we welcome your questions, feedback, and suggestions that could enable us to provide you with better service.