License Amendment

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What is License Amendment ?

The businesses license as your company grows and its structure changes. It is always possible to make various modifications to your current business license either prior to or during the renewal process. All modifications to company registrations and licenses, including name and address changes, director changes, and more, are facilitated and processed by the issuing authority. Fimkin provides the best counsel and services required to amend your trade license in Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore across all emirates in all scenarios of the amendment.

Valid business permits issued by government agencies following thorough inspection are necessary to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates. Every corporation and trade and profit business entity must register with the local emirate’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). Owners of businesses might not be able to finish the procedure by themselves. Clients can get assistance with license amendments and renewals from Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, such as Fimkin. Since trade licenses are only valid for a single year, they help their clients avoid penalties by renewing their licenses before they expire.

In addition to renewing their licenses, business owners can amend their licenses. In the following situations, it must be completed at the time of renewal.

What are the processes for License Amendment ?

The amendment fee varies depending on the jurisdiction and starts at AED 2,000 plus the type of amendment you choose.

Amendments pertaining to ownership

A rise or fall in the share capital

The transfer of stock

Modification of Trade License Title

Activity Addition/Removal

Visa Allocation Upgrading/Downgrading

Amendments pertaining to ownership

Changing the nationality of a local service agent

Changing the nationality of a director

Change the nationality of an owner or partner

Rename a local customer support representative

Change the name of a director

Modify the name of a partner or owner

Add, Remove, or Modify a director

Add, Remove, or Modify a local service agent

Removal of a partner

Take a companion

Devolution of a license or share

Devolution of authorization

Replacement of the license's heir or share

How to process license amendment ?

Need to submit a license amendment application and all necessary supporting documentation to start the process. In certain circumstances, the authority’s approval will also be necessary. The license is successfully amended after payment of the required amount and receipt of the authority’s approval

Note:Additional documentation may be required by certain jurisdictions.

Application for amendment

Application for amendment in certain circumstances, this can be completed on the date of renewal.


Memorandum of Association outlining the necessary modifications.

Board resolution

Board resolution that has been signed by every shareholder and specifies the necessary changes.

What needs to be specified in Memorandum of Association?

The names, addresses, and shareholding of each shareholder following the transfer must be included in the Amendments to reflect the company’s ownership change. Each shareholder must sign the Amendments to attest to their agreement with the updated documents.

How Fimkin can help in amendment

If there is anything you would like to change about the information in your incorporation documents, you will need to submit an amendment. For your business, we will gladly assist you to prepare and file the required amendment documents.

Other kinds of modifications include:

  • For revisions pertaining to activities

  • Removing or adding a business activity to the register

  • Add or remove a business operation

  • Altered legal structure

  • Type of license modification

  • The company's nationality has changed

  • The company's nationality has changed

  • Lien or share mortgage

  • Put a business license on hold

  • Combining two licenses

  • Diminish/Raise Capital

  • Shifting of a company