RAKEZ Free Zone Business Set up

RAKEZ Free Zone Business Set up

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), located in the center of the United Arab Emirates’ Ras Al Khaimah emirate, is a major industrial hub and a powerhouse in business. It is a business licensing body that provides businesses in both free zones and non-free zones with customizable options for forming a UAE company. The community of +18,000 companies thrives across more than 50 sectors.

One of the biggest economic zones in the area, RAKEZ was founded by the Ras Al Khaimah government to assist industrialists, startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs with the requirements and procedures of setting up their businesses. Numerous business licenses in the United Arab Emirates, residence visa services, customizable facilities, and value-added support services like accounting, translation, opening bank accounts, hiring, procurement, marketing, and many more are all offered

Fimkin extends our services to support our valuable clients to avail the convenient RAKEZ Free zone services .


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What are the strategic pillars that makes RAKEZ Free Zone best option for Business Set up?

  • Customised Solutions

    Tailor made packages with smart solutions

  • Superior Effeciency

    Less Time and best effeciency

  • Completely Diversified

    Choice from wide range of industries & business activities

  • Cost Effective Solutions

    Affordable easy set up packages with premium solutions

  • Seasoned Experts

    Expertised solution providers to support the requirements

It’s never been simpler to launch a business in the UAE than it is with RAKEZ as they offer a variety of solutions to fit any stage of development, whether for a large industrial enterprise, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a SME.

Prior to customizing the best package and services to meet your specific needs, our team of experts will take the time to fully comprehend and analyze your requirements. You are never in danger because we are the UAE’s go-to experts on everything related to company formation.

What are the RAKEZ focused Options?

Economical Business Hub

  • Simplified And Fast-Track Business Set-Up Processes

  • One-Stop Shop For All Government Services

Nurturing Industrial Hub

  • Choice Of Free Zone And Non-Free Zone Entity Formations

  • State-Of-The-Art Warehouses In Various Sizes

  • Industrial Land Plots For Large Industrial Projects


Why is RAKEZ Free zone business set up known to be simple ?

Through the choice of RAKEZ, your dream business is only 3 steps away from you

Customize your package

Submit Application & Documents

Receive your Business license

Which are the types of licenses issued by RAKEZ?


Coworking space

Shared space to support budding entrepreneurs & freelancers to reduce overhead costs


Serviced Offices

Working space in premier business centres offering permeance and privacy


Standard Offices

Cost effective private office spaces for SMEs to build a market space


Executive Offices

 Larger private office space for growing companies


Shell & Core

 Undeveloped space framework to develop and customise



Customisable warehouses of various sizes with close proximity to sea ports and airports


Land For Development

Unlimited land space intended for future developments


Staff & Accomodation

Convenient housing for male workforce at job locations

Which are the Business types offered by RAKEZ

Free Zone Entity

  • Zero corporate and income taxes

  • complete ownership and repatriation of profits

  • using a local agent to gain access to the local market

  • Reexported goods are exempt from customs duties

  • Freedom to choose a labor source

Non free Zone Entity

  • Zero corporate and income taxes

  • Founded in collaboration with a partner in the UAE

  • Straight sales in the neighborhood

  • Sales in local and GCC markets are exempt from customs duties

  • Governed by UAE labor law

International Business Companies

  • Trade

  • Structured Finance Transactions

  • Corporate Restructuring & Redoms

  • Holding and Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Governed by UAE labor law

What are the RAKEZ focused Options?

FreeZone Limited Liability Company

  • Can include 1-50 shareholders

Non FreeZone Entity

  • Individual Establishment

  • Limited Liability Company


  • Branches of a UAE based company

  • Branches of a Foreign company