SRTIP Free Zone Business Set up

SRTIP Free Zone Business Set up

Fimkin is one of the trusted Consultants assisting businesses to launch enterprises at SRTIP freezone providing ideal support for a customised business setup !

In the UAE, Sharjah is a well-known industrial center. Due to the importance of this area, Sharjah has created a new free zone, making it a popular destination. 2016 saw the creation of the free zone. International investors from all over the world have expressed interest in the SRTIP free zone. This zone features some creative expo systems; the free zone has served as a site for research and development ever since it was founded.

In order to satisfy the needs of the client, strategic location is just as important as infrastructure and other features. Investors also receive access to top-notch facilities and business licenses.

Furthermore, SRTIP free zone is a reliable option for investors searching for a low-cost company setup. The free zone provides an environment that is conducive to fostering your creativity in the midst of first-rate facilities and cutting-edge services. In Sharjah, the free zone assists you in creating a creative system that raises your ranking internationally.


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Why SRTIP is a good destination for Business enthusiasts?

  • Your business ecosystem is greatly enhanced by SRTIP business setup. Moreover, it offers the following benefits:

  • inventive environment

  • The learning-focused atmosphere at SRTIP encourages improved infrastructure and effective services that help you succeed.

  • Greater employment prospects.

  • Better job opportunities and positive socioeconomic development are brought about by free zones.

  • Upcoming financial commitment

  • You get a better investment for the future when you invest in SRTIP. Consistently expanding public sectors make room for socioeconomic growth and a stable tax structure.

What are the facilities at SRTIP freezone?

UAE free zones provide investors with attractive and contemporary facilities. When investors intend to launch a business in a free zone, they must compare all the available zones to find the best deals. Being an innovation hub, the facilities usually meet business standards and increase productivity for your company

Maktabi Co-working space

Investors gets designated space with a professional ambience. This co-working space has designated desk, meeting rooms, shared workspace, and three visa quotas per desk.

Start-up office

The 16 square meter fully furnished start-up office space is a great choice for new companies in SRTIP park. Six visas per office, a private working area, desks, and meeting rooms complete the office space’s furnishings.

SME office

Investors are able to set up 20–27 square meter office spaces here. These offices come fully equipped with eight visas per office, desks, meeting rooms, and a private working area.

Ecosystem office

Investors can now launch their business at the SRTIP park with furnished office space ranging from 50 to 80 square meters. Benefits like a private workspace, meeting spaces, ten visas per office, and well-furnished offices are available to you here.

Innovation office

Targeting investors looking to lease the headquarters open space is the goal of the innovation office. It offers a number of advantages, including meeting spaces, a receptionist, workspace tailored to client needs, and visa quotas based on client needs.

Hi-tech office

If the targeted duration is less than three years, this is the best setup. The entrepreneurs receive unrestricted access to the innovation lounge, international markets, professional networking events, and more.

Women in innovation Hi-tech office

This is a comprehensive package of subsidies intended for female entrepreneurs establishing enterprises within the SRTIP free zone. Benefits include private spaces just for women, speedy company setup, unrestricted access to the innovation lounge, professional networking opportunities, and more.

What are the advantages of establishing a company in the SRTIP free zone


Economical company setup


Cost-effective options for leasing and licensing


Access to a knowledgeable and experienced team.


Without income tax


Numerous chances for collaboration between academia and industry


Total accountability


Full repatriation of earnings and capital


Simple registration procedure


Without any import or export taxes

How can a company be established in the SRTIP freezone?

Sharjah has developed into a well-liked industrial area in the United Arab Emirates over time. As a result, starting a business is fairly easy.

Steps in the formation of a company include:

  • Send all required paperwork, including applications and business documents, to the relevant government agencies.

  • Depending on your business activity, register your company and obtain a trade license.

  • Get the necessary approval from all relevant legal authorities and pay the required amount.