Meydan Freezone Business Set up

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Meydan Freezone Business Set up

Meydan Free Zone is a free zone built near the famous racecourse. It is one of the newest and most affordable free zones in Dubai. This free zone’s major objective is to support entrepreneurs with low-cost licensing options. It is also a good source for investment in the Middle East’s happening equestrian and horse racing industry.

The major advantage of setting up in Meydan Free Zone has to be its central location. The set-up procedures are also very simple when compared to the other free zones. By setting up business here, you can take advantage of the UAE taxing relaxations and easy business environment. The place also has very premier communities, busy commercial spaces and a good family area.

Meydan Free Zone is good for LLC licenses and branch/representative office. Since they are no warehouse faciltities in this free zone, it is best for licenses that need only an office facility like financial services, management consultants, marketing firms, etc. More than 1500 activities are available under their licensing for this free zone.

The licensing requirements from Meydan Free Zone is quite easy and straight forward. If you are planning to register your business with Meydan Free Zone, then allow our experts at Fimkins to guide you through it and get it done without any hassles.