Dubai Offshore Company Formation

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Dubai Offshore Company Formation

An offshore company is a legal business entity that is set up in one country but operates outside its legal jurisdiction and its location. It can be confused with freezone but it is not the same.

Some of the advantages of having an offshore company are as follows:

  • Provides an opportunity for international expansion

  • Access to the flexible legal system in the UAE

  • Taking advantage of the tax neutrality

  • Better access to global funding

  • Better protection of intellectual assets like trademarks

An offshore company can have multi currency accounts in the UAE and can do business to anywhere in the world. However, they are not permitted to conduct business with UAE residents or have a physical presence in the country.

The jurisdictions offering offshore company formation options are Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) and Ajman Offshore company. All these companies have their own rules and regulations with regards to the set-up.

If you are considering setting up an offshore company and want to do it without any issues, our experts at Fimkins will do exactly what is required. We will advise you on the documentation and go through the procedures to make your business flourish.