PRO And Typing Outsourcing

PRO & Typing Outsourcing

United Arab Emirates is one of the most business-friendly region in the world. But the process of setting up a business here in UAE can be overwhelming. In UAE, all companies require the services of a PRO who is well-versed in the country’s legal services, immigration-labor department, and other government entity services. For a company to set up in UAE, you need to start with the paperwork to avail the trade license, visa for employees, insurance and in case the company requires vehicle, the registration of the same. If the accurate information regarding all these services is not passed, the company will lose time and money. In such situations a knowledgeable PRO and Typist is the ray of light for the company.

Who is a PRO? What is the need for a typist in a company?

It is very important either to hire a PRO and typist or outsource them because of the hassle paperwork for the company and employees. Most importantly, to conduct all the legal-immigration-labor works of a company, a PRO is essential. A PRO plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the government and the company. A PRO is a link to the company which connects them with the government.
In the case of a typist, all the visa-labor and other typing work of the company will be carried out by the typist. He/She will be dedicated to the government typing work of the company. A typist will only be able to handle all the bulk visa works of the company.


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Running a company without PRO and Typist

It is common to get fines for your company from Immigration or labor if the visa or license is expired. But if you have a proper PRO and typist in your company who is exclusively dedicated to the immigration-labor works, you can avoid such fines. As they will be fully focused to all the government entity works. For the smooth functioning of your company without fines or cancellation, a dedicated typist and PRO can be very useful.
All the company will be having a core service. The hired workforce will be for conducting these services. So in between, there will not be an efficient team to complete these PRO works. So, it is always advised to have a dedicated PRO and typist.
In case some papers need to be submitted to the government directly, the authorized signatory of the company cannot complete this need. In such situations if the company has a registered PRO, they can handle all these hassles.

What a typist does?

A typist conducts all the visa, insurance, and other immigration-labor work for a company. Apart from these, if the company needs any amendments in license, modification in the visas, change in the visa category, all the typing-submission-modifications works are done by the typist. A dedicated typist will be available for your company to complete the government paperwork.
Likewise PRO is a bridge between government and company, a typist is the construction material. Because they are the team who supports and fulfills the needs of the PRO.

Outsourcing PRO services

It will be expensive for a company if they hire a PRO and typist for full time. Because if there is no full-time paperwork, their salary and other allowances will be an additional expense for the company. So, in such cases, outsourcing PRO and typing services will be very useful and cost-effective to the company. A well-equipped and knowledgeable team of PRO and typist will be a blessing to a company as they will be dedicated to the company’s immigration-labor and other government entity works.

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How Fimkin is the best choice?

Fimkin always provides the best for our clients. All our PROs and typists are knowledgeable in the visa and other government related works for the seven emirates. If you are planning to have the best typing services in a feasible price, you can always relay on Fimkin. Client satisfaction is our mission and motto. So, to always keep our word, Fimkin will be dedicating a PRO and typist as full time for your company. 

The benefits of choosing Fimkin as your PRO and typist:

  • Transparency

  • Time-saver

  • Saves Money

  • Reduces risks and hassle

  • Ensures full compliance

  • Better functioning of the company

  • Full time updates

  • Expiry notifications

  • Cost-effective

  • Knowledge about all the technicalities of different government entities

These core values make Fimkin unique in outsourcing PRO and typist services. So, if you are planning to outsource, always try to keep in touch with the eligible partner who are well-versed in UAE law and other government entity works.