France Embassy Attestation

France Embassy Attestation

France, home for the symbol of Love, has played a central role in European culture. France reached a worldwide market, and French artistic, culinary, and sartorial styles influenced the high and popular cultures of nations around the globe. At present, French customs, styles and theories remain an influential export, as well as a point of great national pride. Not only in case of custom and economy, French literature has also a long and rich history. Philosophy and criticism have always played a central part in French intellectual and cultural life. French traditions in the fine arts are deep and rich, and painting, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, photography and film all flourish here with a huge support and acceptance world-wide.

For a century, the world has come in contact with French culture through the export of French ideas, cuisine, fashion, art, literature, film and much more. As the largest Western European nation and one of the leading economies in the region, France continues to be a powerhouse within the European continent.

In case of language also, the French language is the official and main language spoken throughout France. Previously, French was the internationally accepted language of diplomacy and was widely spoken on four continents.

A refined country and one of the most popular places in Western Europe, rich in history, culture and diversity, France is an excellent place to live, work and explore. It is a highly developed nation and the seventh largest economy in the world, constantly ranking high in education, health care and life expenditure. When a numerous reasons are in front to choose France as your destination, why are you waiting for the migration. Hope the waiting part will be the requirements and trustworthy agencies to carry out the process.
Fimkin, deals with the migration and the paper-works for your France migration. From attestation to all the rest of the process, our expert team will guide and provide you with accurate guidelines and proper services.

But why an attestation is required, if you are planning to migrate to France from UAE? And for French citizens, how UAE embassy will help to carryout attestation? These will be the concerns for many applicants. First of all, let us check for what an Embassy attestation is used for. Mainly, embassy attestation is required for:

  • Working in foreign countries

  • Admissions in UAE

  • For MOFA attestation

  • Establishing a new branch of your existing business

  • Sponsoring your spouse or children

  • Migration purposes

  • Obtaing UAE work permits

In all the above mentioned cases, it is mandatory have an embassy stamping (embassy of that country where the document was issued) if you are trying to obtain Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stamp in the UAE. The purpose will be the same for home country attestation but the procedure is different.

Your documents like educational, non-educational and commercial certificates can be attested from the Embassy if it possess MOFA stamping. For migration and immigration purpose, an embassy attestation is mandatory in order to prove the authenticity and credibility of the certificate.

When you are trying to get your documents attested from the French embassy, you will feel much hassle and need lots of effort. But never put yourself into trouble when Fimkin is there as your attestation partner. Near to a decade, Fimkin is well experienced and well versed with embassy attestation which built the trust of clients in handling documents and carrying out the procedures.