Brunei Embassy Attestation

Brunei Embassy Attestation

Know for its beaches and bio-diverse rainforest, Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, in 2 distinct sections surrounded by Malaysia and South China Sea. Due to its abundant oil and gas reserves, it has been one of the wealthiest countries for multiple decades. It is also considered generally a safe destination for expats and crimes tend to be opportunistic rather than violent. The country also imposed strict laws on alcohols and drugs.

Expats moving from Western Europe and North America will likely find the cost of living in Brunei relatively low. Expats in the country will earn well and more than be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle and high standard of living. Food and transportation are also cheap in the nation.

Brunei embassy attestation is mandatory for those people who are planning to visit or migrate to Brunei for employment or study purpose. Embassy attestation is essential for obtaining a Brunei Visa. The PCC, or any other document issued in UAE or to Brunei from UAE should be attested from embassy in UAE and then we can complete the migration or visa procedures.

Brunei has a large expat contingent of around 40 percent of the country’s population with most foreigners having been enticed by the prospect of exclusive employment packages and tax-free income. Some of the largest multinational companies have setup a branch in Brunei which attract expats for seamless job opportunities.

What is Brunei Embassy attestation?

Brunei Embassy attestation is the certification of documents issued to the country from UAE for business or work permit procedures. As this country comes under the Hague Convention, the document will also need an apostille attestation before submitting to the embassy. Attaining a stamp from the embassy will prove the authenticity of the document. To get the document attested from the embassy one needs to have a MOFA stamp. Also, the embassy will allow authorized persons only to attest the certificates.

Role of Fimkin in Embassy attestation

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