Belgium Embassy Attestation

Belgium Embassy Attestation

One of the smallest and most densely populated European countries, Belgium is a heterogeneous country straddling the border between the Romance and Germanic language families of Western Europe. With its incredible architecture, scenic small town on lakes and even a large city such as Antwerp, Belgium attracts tourists and Foreigners unaccountably each year. The town of Bruges is undeniably the biggest tourist draw-card in Belgium. Belgium is also famous for its chocolate, waffles, beer and also home to NATO headquarters and to the EU commission and European parliament.

With its robust higher education system and abundance of well-regarded universities, Belgium is also a fantastic choice for international students. Over the years, Belgian educational system has attracted a considerable pool of intellectual students because of its ability to deliver high-quality education to European and international students. In addition to students, Belgium is also a hotspot of innovations as well. Inventions appear to sprout out which has lauded Belgium as a leader in sustainable e-commerce.

Belgium is also renowned for its security, excellent standard of living and dynamic culture. All these qualities attracts tons of businessmen and students each year to Belgium. It is also a multicultural nation well known for its internationalization spirit. The Belgium government also provides international students and businessmen with ambient opportunities and pathway to have a nutritious career. The country’s high standard of living is also tempting.

Apart from all these, the country is in the bucket list of many travelers as well. Its food and variety of festival attracts tourist from different part of the globe. In such a country, getting a permanent visa or an investment opportunity is a big deal. In case of documentation part, legalization of your documents will be very important. Also, for Belgian citizens, who wishes to apply a visa for residence, they also need to seek the help of embassy for legalization of documents. The Belgium embassy in Abu Dhabi provides easy access and services to its citizen and UAE residents. If you wish to attest your documents to Belgian Embassy, we are there to help.

Attestation of educational and personal documents by the Belgium embassy requires the submission of some additional documents which includes:

  • Original document

  • Passport copy of the document holder

  • Emirates ID copy

And if it is a commercial document, the requirements includes:

  • Original document which is attested by the Chamber of Commerce

  • Clear copies of all the documents

  • Covering letter addressed to the embassy

  • Share holder’s or the authorized signatory’s KYC documents

Before submitting the document before Belgium embassy, always make sure that the document hold UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stamping. When Fimkin is there to take care of all your attestation procedures, you can sit back and relax. We will collect your documents from your door-steps, complete necessary attestation and will deliver back your documents.
The embassy appointment, legalization and delivery of documents will be taken care by our expert team.