Czech Republic Embassy Attestion

Czech Republic Embassy Attestion

Czechia or the Czech Republic located in central Europe comprises the historical provinces of Bohemia and Moravia along with the southern tip of Silesia, also known collectively as the Czech Lands. The country is renowned for its commitment to environmental consciousness, with a longstanding reputation for safety and peace, it stands as a proud member of esteemed organizations like the UN and the EU, NATO and the Council of Europe.

For those people, who are navigating the path to a fulfilling career in the Czech Republic, they need to undergo certain criteria for the visa and other migration process. Also, the candidates who have migrated to UAE from Czech, they too need certain documentation guiding while processing UAE visa.

What is legalization with Czech Embassy?

Legalization makes documents from foreign countries for use in the Czech Republic and vise versa. Documents that can be legalized within the embassy includes:

  • Civil status documents

  • Court orders

  • Educational documents

  • Commercial certificates

Through legalization, the government authorities or the organization to which the documents are submitted will conclude that, the certificate was issued by a competent authority, the signature/seal/stamp on the documents is genuine. And also the details and information provided in the documents are correct and accurate. These are the key benefits of attestation or legalization process.
The steps or procedures to have a document legalized in the embassy vary by country. It depends upon the issuing authority, type of document and the purpose. Legalizing a document involves taking certain steps in a certain order. The legalization process in the Czech Republic embassy is entirely different when compared to other country.

Legalization and Super legalization with Czech embassy

Legalization in the Czech embassy means, a competent authority in a particular country checks the document issued in that country and signs in order to prove the authenticity. In most of the cases, the stamp or sign will be of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country. After verification of the document, the Czech embassy will put a stamp of the embassy and will re-assure the authenticity of the document. This proofs the Czech authorities verifies the document issued by the particular country is authentic and valid.

In case of super-legalization, the Czech authorities checks the documents and place another stamp. This is usually done by the Czech embassy, consulate-general or honorary consul in that particular country. UAE documents needs to be super-legalized to be used in the Czech republic.

The documents which holds a Ministry of Foreign affairs stamp and other issuing authorities stamping will be accepted for embassy stamping in the Czech Republic embassy.