Egypt Embassy Attestation

Egypt Embassy Attestation

Pyramids, mummies, tombs, pharaohs…there are a lot when you here “Egypt”. If you visit Egypt, you will realize that Egypt is much more than that. The Pyramids of Giza, Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Red Sea Reef, Abu Simbel, The Nile River, Saqqara are some among the famous attractions of Egypt. The country has the largest population ratio in the Arab countries and considered the third most populous country in Africa, behind Ethiopia and Nigeria. The economy of Egypt was centralized during the regime of the former President Gamal Abdel Nasser but the economy was opened up notably under former Presidents Anwar El-Sadat and Mohamed Hosno Mubarak.

The importance of labor-migration as an instrument for state’s development has been a key consideration for a range of countries across the global South. Egypt was one of the states across North Africa and the Middle-East to establish specific policies on the labor-migration which have been effectively contributed in the upbringing of the community and growth of the economic sector of the nation.

Before you migrate to Egypt

Before you plan your migration to Egypt, you need to check for the visa details. And also if a national of Egypt wishes to migrate UAE also, they need to undergo documentation process for their visas. In all such cases, attestation is very much important. The document which completed all the necessary attestation from Egypt, sometimes require an Embassy attestation from UAE and those who wishes to migrate to Egypt from UAE also requires the embassy attestation for their UAE issued documents.

The embassy in UAE, provides all the facilities and services for its nationals and also the migrants. All the visa and other consular services are conducted through the embassy. The applicant can either visit the embassy directly or through agencies.

As the country is in the path of development and growth, it is being attracted by the migrants. As a tourist destination and residency, the country offers plenty of opportunities. Before migrating, check for the embassy attestation. Also, if you are planning to get a residency or work permit in UAE also, make sure that your Egypt issued certificates possess all the necessary stamps. If you have completed only the home country attestation, you need to get the embassy attestation as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamping in the UAE.

Why choose Fimkin?

When it comes to handing over your valuable certificates to an agency or service provider, everyone will think twice. Whether the agency is trustworthy? How they will handle the documents? Will they return the document on time? What if the document might get lost? Are the stamping genuine? All such questions will make you puzzled when you are deciding to attest your certificates. To remove all the question marks and solve the puzzle, Fimkin Attestation services will always be there. We can meet your expectation in perfection and complete your embassy attestation. From appointment booking to document submission and collection, we can assist you and complete the process.