Diploma Certificate Attestation

Why need Diploma Certificate Attestation?

Diploma certificate is one of the educational certificate which you required to get your employment/resident visa in UAE. But visa issuing authorities consider your diploma certificate only if it is attested by Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) in UAE. But, before getting it attested by MOFA it has to go through certain procedures in your home country where your diploma certificate was issued initially, after that your diploma certificate attestation will be completed.Then only it can be attested by MOFA in UAE.

We are a pioneer in the field of legalization and we can guide you in a proper way and get your Degree certificate attested without a waste of time and money. Our executive will collect your documents and complete all the necessary formalities required as per the prescribed guidelines. Our degree attestation process is fast and efficient.

Check below the crystal clear process of the attestation of your diploma certificate (which is the same for the majority of the countries). Notary Public Stamp on the Certificate (if required) optional for some countries. Verification from the State Education Department or Relevant Authority. Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Issue. UAE Embassy Legalization in the Home Country. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, UAE.

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