Bahrain Embassy Attestation

Bahrain Embassy Attestation

When you are applying for a work permit or for any other migration purpose, you need to attest the related document from the target country’s embassy here in UAE. This is a part of proving the credibility of your education or personal information. The target country needs to know the authenticity and genuineness of the submitting document, therefore embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamping is mandatory. If you are planning to migrate to any other countries from UAE, you need to attest the document issued from UAE from the target country’s embassy. This proves the authenticity and credibility of the document.

Bahrain embassy attestation is mandatory for those people who are planning to visit or migrate to Bahrain for employment or study purpose. Embassy attestation is essential for obtaining a Bahrain Visa. The PCC, or any other document issued in UAE or to Bahrain from UAE should be attested from Bahrain embassy in UAE and then we can complete the migration or visa procedures. The consular services division is responsible for all the attestation procedures in each embassy. This division is the link between embassies and consulates of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad and the ministries and governmental institutions inside the kingdom.

Attestation of educational and personal documents by the Bahrain embassy requires the submission of some additional documents which includes:

  • Original document

  • Passport copy of the document holder

  • Emirates ID copy

And if it is a commercial document, the requirements includes:

  • Original document which is attested by the Chamber of Commerce

  • Clear copies of all the documents

  • Covering letter addressed to the embassy

  • Share holder’s or the authorized signatory’s KYC documents

Before submitting the document before Bahrain embassy, always make sure that the document hold UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stamping.

Need for Bahrain Embassy attestation and how Fimkin serves your needs?

Embassy attestation is very much important for Bahrain Visas. If you are applying for work permits or residence permits in Bahrain, you need to submit the necessary documents for verification purpose. In such cases, embassy attestation is compulsory to showcase the authenticity of the document and get the permits more easily and smoothly. Also, if you are applying for the admission for your kids from UAE to Bahrain, all there school records also require attestation from the Embassy.

Fimkin, your trusted attestation partner will fulfill your embassy attestation within a snap of time. We can arrange the free pick up of your document, submission and completion of attestation in the document and deliver at your door-step. Our expert team can help you in all the attestation from consulates and embassies over here in the UAE. Say it is an educational document or non-education document or any commercial document, Fimkin will act as your wing-man and complete all the necessary attestation procedures. You can sit back and relax when Fimkin is your attestation partner.