Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA)

The Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) is the  official authority for the security and protection of Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure and the nation’s resources. CICPA is responsible for issuing security clearance for companies and employees working within any of Abu Dhabi’s critical establishments.

CICPA (Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority) security passes allow access to restricted ports and field sites. There are many restricted areas, which are not accessible without the correct/relevant CICPA pass. Each CICPA pass is unique and would need to be applied for individually. 

It is MANDATORY that companies wishing to apply for CICPA passes meet the following criteria to apply

  • The company must have an Abu Dhabi Trade Licence

  • The company must be registered with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce

  • The company must have Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) approval

  • Have a contract in place with a concession holding company and obtain an invite letter (LOA) from ADNOC

The process for applying for CICPA passes is as follows

  • Complete the application form by using the Permit Program (in Arabic only)

  • Complete the introduction document

  • Attach required supporting documents according to the type of permit you wish to apply

  • Submit the application at the headquarters of the Security Permits Section

  • Only the company owner or registered company PRO can apply for the permits

Note that some CICPA areas fall under other jurisdictions and it will be possible to obtain a CICPA pass using a company from an Emriate other than Abu Dhabi if the CICPA area does not fall under ADNOC responsibility. For example the new CICPA area in the emirate of Fujairah at the location of the new Power Plant – companies from other Emirates can obtain CICPA passes for this location if they are able to obtain the LOA from this particular CICPA authority. 

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